Our Vision : What the future holds

We at Temple Israel aspire to better ourselves & repair the world together.

We believe modernizing our organization is going to help new member needs. Now more than ever we want people to know: You can be yourself here. You can be a part of our village. You matter to us.

We believe we hold a sacred responsibility as congregation to create a strong community. And sustaining this vision is realized through an understood partnership between all members. We follow a respectful code of ethics and promote equality amongst everyone who walks through our doors.

We foster a vibrant environment for our congregants that is hands-on, egalitarian, inclusive, and feels like a second home to our people.

Our Mission Statement

Temple Israel is an evolving, inclusive community rooted in traditional Jewish values with a vision to bring people a genuine spiritual experience and fresh perspective. We believe it is our responsibility to uphold ancestral values and teachings with modern, practical application. And it is our shared obligation to serve one another in community.

We know that Judaism has and will continue to change the world. And as we venture into new ways of living. Temple Israel devoutly supports all people in the pursuit of faith with fairness and unbiased care.

Our Pillars : The Essence of the Organization

Our strongest asset is our members who genuinely care for and support one another through service.

We promote the foundational aspects Judaism was built on:
These mainstays keep our cup of spiritual wealth full.

We are all students of life and encourage members to learn and bond together in fellowship.



I converted to Judaism, and I was concerned if I would be accepted. But the members of Temple Israel were very welcoming. I was encouraged to continue my Jewish learning and joined a wonderful group b’nai mitzvah class, studying together for a year. Eventually, I was proud to become one of the many women who have served as our congregation president. It’s a joy to see friends I’ve worshiped, studied, and volunteered with on a weekly basis.


When I came to Springfield many years ago, my decision to join Temple Israel was based on my disability.  I use a wheelchair and frankly, the Temple was the one that did not require you to climb stairs to enter.  Not a usual reason, I know.  In the many years, I have come to see the Congregation more like a family and myself as a valued member.  There is a warmth and caring quality to the congregation, which even when we are remote during our current pandemic, shines through.

Guests are welcome!!

We ask that you please contact the temple prior to attending an event or a service so we know you are coming.

Please email templeisrael.spi@gmail.com with your name and phone number, and the event you would like to attend.

We look forward to seeing you!


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