What is a Chevra Kadisha?

In Judaism, we believe that all individuals have innate dignity, a spark of the divine. We are all said to be created in G-d’s image. Judaism holds that death does not remove this holiness. Our bodies retain a remnant of the divinity they once housed. Jewish burial rituals emphasize that all people enter the world as equals and that we leave the world as equals.

Tahara, the ritual purification of the dead, is a beautiful and powerful, centuries-old Jewish burial tradition. The deceased is respectfully washed and dressed in preparation for leaving the physical world.

What We Do

Our Chevra Kadisha is always on call to carry out the sacred task of preparing the deceased for burial. When a family requests a tahara, the funeral home or the rabbi notifies the Chevra Kadisha.

The tahara ritual is performed with k’vod hamet (respect for the dead), ensuring that the traditions of preparing the body for Jewish burial are carried out. Our greatest concern is the sensitive care and dignity of the deceased.
Members of our team wash and purify the deceased which involves a gentle pouring of water over the body and the recitation of a traditional chant. The deceased is dressed in tachrichim (simple white burial garments). Throughout the tahara process, the team recites special blessings, prayers and readings selected from Torah, Prophets, and the Song of Songs. Out of respect, we ask for forgiveness from the deceased and offer prayers for the soul’s eternal peace.