Since 2003, Temple Israel has had a volunteer a cappella choir. Starting out very slowly with limited participation, we have grown to a core group of 10 with guest singers from time to time. We participate at Shabbat evening and morning services, as well as High Holy Day services.  And we are always happy to sing at your simchas! We have performed for Chaverim at the Springfield Jewish Federation and at assisted living facilities where we tell the story of Chanukah. For many years we have performed a Purim Spiel with costumes and a band which is interspersed with readings from the Megillah. Always a crowd pleaser! Last year we twice performed Craig Taubman’s Friday Night Live, beautifully accompanied by the Friday Night Live band. 

It pains us that during these times of Covid-19, we are only able to participate via Zoom, but we hope to be able to sing together, in person, back in our sanctuary as soon as it safe to do so.

Here are a few links to Purim Spiels and some cast photos.