Adult Ed: The Book of Job

Event details

  • Thursday | January 13, 2022
  • 7:00 pm
  • Temple Israel, via Zoom
  • 2175462841

On January 13, Dr. Adam Porter, Professor at Illinois College who specializes in Second Temple Judaism, will begin a 4-part series that explores the enigmatic Book of Job. The series is available via Zoom the second Thursday of each month

Job is one of the most challenging books in the Hebrew Bible, on many levels. It is mostly written in beautiful Hebrew poetry and with many obscure words it is hard to translate. It’s setting and characters are odd. And its theology seems to run counter to that found in most of the Hebrew Bible. We will consider these topics, starting on Thursday, January 13.

Our first session will set Job in the context of the other books of the Bible and examine the prose introduction to the book.

Participants will find it helpful to read the first three chapters of the Job. If you have any study Bible (I especially like the Oxford Jewish Study Bible), read its introduction to the book and the notes to the text.