With a membership at Temple Israel, children pre-k to 9th grade are eligible for Hebrew and religious education through B’rit Yisrael.

B’rit Yisrael is a joint educational project of Temple Israel and Temple B’rith Sholom with a grant from the Springfield Jewish Federation. Instructors are recruited from the membership of both temples.

B’rit Yisrael is managed by the Springfield Board of Jewish Education, consisting of members from Temple Israel and Temple B’rith Sholom. SBJE meets monthly to oversee and plan activities for the school.

Each year we try to vary the topics of the curriculum in order to provide an education for participation in Jewish life both at home and in a congregation. Information on rituals, Shabbat, dietary laws, calendar, and life cycle events are included.

Additionally, we teach Hebrew, prayer, early history, and topics touching on God and service culminating usually in a bar or bat mitzvah.

For more information please contact the Temple Israel office or Rabbi Stern.